Our Idea

At Ancestrale, our mission is to serve unique wines and harmonious food. In that mission, ecology is at the forefront, and sharply follows sustainable initiatives. For us, our quest for sustainability is more than just sorting waste, it’s the wise choices to our daily routines.

It is important for us to work closely with our suppliers, those skilled purveyors of our values. In collaboration with them, we follow seasonal comings and goings, which is reflected in the food, as well as in the selection of wine and cocktails.

There is a joy and pride in working with people who share the same values as us.

We look forward to welcoming you within our world.

This Week

Every week we focus on something special, something quite unique.



    Our wines receive the highest carefully selection, to match all the other ingredients we buy and prepare. We have the greatest love for pure and unmanipulated wines, also known as ‘natural wines’. We strive to have something for the nerds, the initiates but certainly also for the beginner – where we like to introduce and explain.

    Our selection extends over wines that are “lively” and “funky”, to those where the taste will be more recognizable. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure to find a wine that you’ll love to drink… Or maybe more than one?

    Our very own sommelier, Johann Duedahl Jacobsen, selects the wines and makes sure there is always a new experience to come from our wide and diverse selection of fantastic wines.

    We look forward to pouring wine into your glass.


    Ancestrale is not just about wine, our seasonal cocktail menu is created in-house from an idea every season, with the highest percentage of ingredients list made from Denmark’s fresh, organic and locally produced ingredients.

    Our seasonal selection is created by emerging global bartenders, bartenders who focus specifically on producing cocktails with minimal wastage with sustainable source ingredients, where flavor and texture meet sophistication.


    Ah, the food, a supporting element to our wine and cocktails. We emphasize vegetables and fish, all aligned with the seasons. Our menu focus is on sustainable food choices, a principle for promoting Danish ecological values.

    The menu setup is simple, order lightly but well, you can always add one more. There is always a good selection of snacks and dishes, we hope more than enough to please.

    The menu changes as the seasons come and go, and we are always looking forward to presenting something new and fresh.


    Ancestrale is a small establishment, and sometimes we need to be creative with our space. If you are 5 or more guests, please send us an email and we will do our best to make room for you. We can accommodate a total of 45 guests, so bookings are advisable.

    Additionally, we available for small private events, wine tastings etc. outside of our normal opening hours and days. Send us an inquiry and we will look into your request.

    Monday – Saturday 17:30 – 00:00

    Oehlenschlægersgade 12 st. th.
    1663 København V


    +45 3135 3851